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  • Search Equipment Radar's directory of thousands of equipment dealers to find locations near you.

    Filters include:

    • Industry (Agriculture, Construction, Material Handling, Transportation)
    • Equipment Type (Tractors, Forklifts, Excavators, etc)
    • Offering (New Equipment, Used Equipment, Rental, etc)
    • Region
    • Brand
    Equipment Radar dealer location directory

    If you want your Company to get added to our directory then please contact us and provide us with your Company name, location and general information. One of our sales team members will follow up soon thereafter.


  • The map helps visualize where items of interest (listings, dealerships, etc) are located. It displays up to of the nearest matching items.

    How to interpret maps at Equipment Radar
  • There are three controls in the upper left corner of the map to Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Reset Zoom to the original view. You can also use your mouse — you can click on items to zoom, and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

    • Zoom in icon on Equipment Radar maps Zoom In
    • Zoom out icon on Equipment Radar maps Zoom Out
    • Reset zoom icon on Equipment Radar maps Reset Zoom
  • Icons represent items of interest — icons with numbers note that there are multiple items for that given point. You can click on icons to zoom in and see details.

    • Map marker representing a single point of interest
         Single item marker
    • Map marker cluster group representing multiple points of interest
         Multiple items marker (click to zoom)
  • A popup will appear when you click on the blue location marker. Click on the popup title or image to navigate to the listing page.

    How Equipment Radar map popups work


Searching Listings

  • Our Listings Search feature is designed to help you find the most relevant listings based on criteria you specify. You can perform a broad search such as all listings, or a narrow search such as 2012 John Deere Combines with less than 200 Separator Hours within 100 miles of my location.

    You can narrow your search by using these filters:

    • Category / Subcategory
    • Brand/Make
    • Model
    • Year
    • Price
    • Keywords : Search titles and descriptions for matching keywords
    • Category Specific Filters: Category / subcategory specific criteria examples include Odometer for Trucks, Separator Hours for Combines, etc. These filters will change when you change the category / subcategory.
    • Geography: Find items within a specified distance from your search location

    Additional category-specific filters are available after you select a category and/or subcategory. View the category-specific filters by clicking on "Show Category Filters"

    How to view category and subcategory filters
  • You can sort listings based on Closest items to your location, New Listings, Price and Year. The Sort By menu is located below the map.

    How to sort equipment listings

    Your search will return up to or listings at a time depending on your search setting. A "Show More" button will be present at the end of the listings search if there are more listings.

    Show more button included with search results
  • Members with accounts can save searches and load prior saved searches. The area to save a search is below the Search Map. Saved searches will automatically forward relevant new listings to your Activity Radar.

    Saving searches: Clicking the orange "Save" button and adding a name for your saved search.

    How to load a saved search at Equipment Radar

    Load saved search: Clicking the orange "Load" button, then select the search you want to open.

    How to load a save a search at Equipment Radar
  • Each search shows you matching results on the map (up to nearest listings) and is centered on the location you provide.

    You can change the location and search distance in the fields above the map. Search for your city or town in the Location field, and select the matching result — the search will then refresh for your location.

    How to change search location at Equipment Radar


  • We are here to help connect buyers and sellers — it is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to negotiate terms, conditions and other aspects of the transaction on their own.

    Members can use the site to perform some diligence by viewing the public pages, and reading reviews left by other members. Both parties are encouraged to leave reviews for each other after the transaction.

    We recommend that you communicate directly with the seller, inspect the item and perform necessary diligence prior to the transaction. Ensure that you have proper documentation of the terms and agreement.

Listings Manager

  • The Listings Manager helps you manage your listings inventory (active, draft, inactive and archived listings). You can view a snapshot of your listings, and make changes.

    Sample Active Listing:

    Listings manager card
  • You can change the status of a listing in the Listings Manager. When you Unpublish an Active listing it will become Inactive.

    • Active listings are visible to all users
    • Drafts are listings that were started and not finished. Draft listings can be completed and published
    • Inactive listings are previously active listings that either expired or were unpublished. Inactive listings are meant to be a storage for listings that may become active again in the future.
    • Archived listings are no longer active, and will not likely be active again in the future. Your archive is meant to store a record of your prior listings.
  • You can delete Draft and Archived listings. If your listing is Active or Inactive, you must first move it to the Archive to delete. Deleting a listing is permanent — once you delete it you will not be able to recover it. We recommend moving previously active listings to your Archive to preserve a record.

  • It is easy to change the renewal status of an Active listing — toggle the Renew button for the listing. Listings set to renew will automatically renew at the listing term end.

  • You can edit any listing by clicking on the Edit link. Your changes will update immediately.

  • You can add, delete and modify a listing's media in the Media Manager. Click the Media link next to the listing.

  • Listings you manage will always be visible — listings managed by other team members may not always be visible. Team manager(s) control who can manage all business listings — you should request permission to manage business listings from your team manager(s).

Media Manager

  • The Media Manager is a tool to add, delete and modify images and videos.

  • Click the Edit icon in the upper left corner of an image to open the Edit window. The Edit window has control buttons to rotate and zoom, and there is a box with a blue outline to show the crop area. You can change the crop area by using your mouse to move the box, or by clicking the control buttons.

    Equipment Radar media manager
  • You can drag and drop image tiles to arrange the order. Click the Save button after you are finished.

    Equipment Radar media manager
  • Accepted video file formats include the most common video file formats: .mp4, .mov, .avi and .ogg — your file must be one of these formats. Videos can take up to minutes to be displayed. Contact us if the video does not appear after that time.

  • You are able to upload videos directly from your smartphone or computer to the site — videos often give potential buyers a better feel for the listing. It is also a chance for you to give your sales pitch. Videos are limited to minutes each (we trim longer videos).

  • All listings will automatically show the first image. You can change the order of your images by dragging and dropping the images, and then saving.

  • Our site automatically crops all media to optimize the way they are displayed to prospective buyers. We recommend you that you take photos using landscape mode (wider rather than taller) to best fit the cropping boundaries.

Reviews Manager

  • The Reviews Manager is a tool help you manage and view public reviews for you and your Company. You can view the distribution of reviews by the number of stars, as well as a list of recent reviews.

    You can respond to reviews by clicking on the blue "Respond" button below a review. Your response will be public and visible to all users.

    Please notify us if you believe a review may be inappropriate or false - our team will look at it and remove it if it does not meet our Community Guidelines.

    Equipment Radar Reviews Manager

Showroom Manager

  • The Showroom Manager enables you to group listings together into individual Showroom Groups to display on your Company's showroom tab.

    Create a Showroom Group by clicking "Create Group" button, then fill in the group's title and description. Add listings using the dropdown box below the group description. Click "Save Group" when you are finished.

    You can remove listings from the group by clicking on the waste bin icon over the listing's image.

    By default the first listing's image will show up as the group's image. You can change the order of listings by dragging and dropping them.

    Equipment Radar showroom manager

Video Meetings

  • You can create video meetings to chat face-to-face with interested buyers. Your monthly subscription includes unlimited video meetings.

    Meetings are designed for one-on-one communication. Users can join through their web browser or mobile phone by clicking on the meeting link. Participants do not require an Equipment Radar account to join.

    You can invite another participant by copying the meeting link and sending it to them. They will be able to join the meeting as long as the meeting has not yet expired. Arrange a time to start the meeting with them, and let them know that they should not click the link to join until that time (otherwise the meeting will start when they join the meeting).

    Steps to create and join a video meeting:

    1. Click "Create Meeting" button
    2. Copy meeting link and send it to the other participant
    3. Click "Join Meeting" button when you are ready to join
    Equipment Radar video meetings

Activity Radar

  • Activity Radar is a tool to help you keep a pulse on site activity, and receive notifications for events including:

    • New listing matching saved searches
    • New listing by members / businesses you follow
    • Price changes of listings in your favorite listings
    • Reviews left for you or your business

Adding Listings

  • Adding listings is easy and fast — it requires three steps:

    1. Add Information
    2. Add & Edit Media
    3. Review & Publish

    You must be registered to add a listing.

    How to add listings
  • You can keep your listing active as long as your Equipment Radar account is active and the item is available. By default listings are set to "auto-renew" which means they renew each month automatically. You can choose not to auto-renew a listing, which will allow it to de-list after one month. You can deactivate the listing in your Listings Manager.

  • Images and videos are not required to post a listing, but it is highly recommended that you include them.

    If you do not have your images and videos ready, you can always list your item and add them later by using the Media Manager. Some members prefer listing items using their computers, then adding images and videos later from their smartphones.

  • We offer a bulk listings tool that can process hundreds of listings instantly — this helps streamline the listing process for businesses with bulk listings needs. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

  • We recommend that you finish your listing without the images, and then contact us. We can identify issues that may have prevented your images from uploading, and we will then add them.

  • Our database contains thousands of equipment brands — in the event we do not have your brand listed choose "other" for the brand, then contact us and we will update it for you.

  • The item description should include an overview of your item and any additional information you think is important to communicate to potential buyers. We require a minimum of 1-2 sentences to submit a listing.

  • When you add a listing you can choose to show the exact location of the listing on the map, or you can show a generalized location (the center of your city or town) to add privacy.

  • Custom Features are any descriptive features you want to highlight regarding your item. Sample features could include GPS, Air Conditioning, Factory Warranty, etc. Type in the item, and use comma, semi-colon or | to separate items.

    Adding custom features to equipment listings at Equipment Radar


  • We provide a secure proprietary messaging app for our registered members (available when you are logged in). The app is designed similar to many mobile phone messaging systems for ease of use, and it is meant to facilitate communication between members in a safe and secure way.

  • You can view messages on the Messages page. Click on a message in the Contacts section to view it. Messages are available for up to months.

  • You can delete messages by clicking on the Waste Bin icon in the upper right corner of the message. The action deletes your messages only — the other member's messages will remain visible to that member.

  • We use automated systems to proactively filter offensive content. Your message may contain content our systems flag. Try removing any potentially offensive words.

    You can also try refreshing your browser in event there was a connection error.

  • Contact us to report inappropriate content (spam, offensive content, etc). We will investigate the matter and take action if appropriate.

    You can block other members by clicking the block button near the trash bin icon.


  • We provide email notifications to keep you informed. You have the option to change your email notifications at anytime. Visit the Notifications page to change your settings


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