Where Are Fendt Tractors And Combines Made?

Sept. 19, 2021

Fendt is a strong brand name with a large market share in Europe. Fendt is best known for its reliable high horsepower Vario tractor.

Fendt Vario 1000 Tractor. Source: Fendt.com

Fendt is a well-known farm equipment brand with more than 80 years of being known for high-quality and powerful tractors and other equipment. Although Fendt is best known for its premium high-horsepower tractors, Fendt also produces other products, including combines, telehandlers, forage harvesters, balers, planters and applicators.

Fendt has a very strong market share in Germany, and it consistently ranks among the top for brand satisfaction by German farm equipment dealers. Fendt also ranks among the top for DLG's farmer survey regarding brand strength and loyalty, brand awareness and positioning.

Fendt History

Fendt traces its roots back to 1930 when it sold the Dieselross, the first European six-horsepower small tractor featuring a mower and mounted plow. In 1995 Fendt made waves in the farm equipment world when it introduced the 926 Vario, the world’s first high-horsepower tractor with step-less Vario transmission, at Agritechnica.

Fendt was acquired in 1997 by AGCO Corporation, a publicly traded farm equipment manufacturer with sales of over $9 billion. AGCO is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, and it has operations around the world. AGCO products are sold through five core brands: Fendt, Challenger, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. AGCO products are made available globally through 3,150 independent dealers and distributors in more than 140 countries worldwide. Read more about Massey Ferguson (Where Are Massey Ferguson Tractors Made?)

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Over the years, Fendt has expanded its product line. In 2002 it added Fendt harvesting equipment, including the C-Series combine, round balers, and square balers. Over the past two decades, Fendt has improved its signature Vario tractor by adding more horsepower and functionality.

Early Fendt tractor delivering goods

Source: Fendt.com
Notes: Early Fendt tractor delivering goods

Growing The Global Brand

Fendt's sales are predominately in Europe (92% of total sales, 9% market share in Western and Central Europe). The German and French markets represent about half of its European sales.

Over the past few years, Fendt has made a more pronounced marketing effort in North America. Fendt had one of the largest displays at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, where it showcased the latest Vario tractors and its Ideal combine.

Fendt Sales By Region (2018)

Fendt Sales By Region In 2018 Pie Chart

Source: Fendt.com and Equipment Radar
Notes: Fendt's sales are mostly in Western Europe. Over the past few years, Fendt has grown its presence more in North America.

Fendt Display At Farm Progress Show 2021

Fendt Vario Tractors At Farm Progress Show 2021 Decatur Illinois
Fendt Ideal Combine At Farm Progress Show 2021 Decatur Illinois

Source: Equipment Radar
Notes: Fendt had one of the largest displays at Farm Progress Show 2021

Fendt Factories

Most of Fendt's manufacturing is in Germany. Its signature high horsepower tractors are produced at the Marktoberdorf, Germany facility. Fendt's high-horsepower combine is manufactured at its Breganze, Italy facility. Fendt also has two manufacturing locations in the United States.

Several of Fendt's manufacturing facilities are located within strategic proximity of other AGCO brands' facilities to achieve supply, procurement and shipping synergies. AGCO has a medium-term goal of expanding its operating margins by combining procurement and transportation costs among all the brands.


Fendt factories in Germany
  • All product lines are made in Germany
  • Marktoberdorf: Main high horsepower tractor facility


Fendt factories in Italy
  • Breganze: High-power combine, the Fendt IDEAL, and Fendt's 6 shaker models

United States

Fendt factories in United States
  • Jackson, MN: Tracked tractors and tracked drives for harvesting machines
  • Hesston, KS: Big balers

Fendt Tractors

Fendt 1100 Vario MT

Fendt tractor 1100 Vario MT

Fendt 1000 Vario

Fendt tractor 1000 Vario

Fendt 900 Vario

Fendt tractor 900 Vario

Fendt 800 Vario

Fendt tractor 800 Vario

Fendt 700 Vario

Fendt tractor 700 Vario

Fendt 500 Vario

Fendt tractor 500 Vario

Fendt 300 Vario

Fendt tractor 300 Vario

Fendt 200 Vario

Fendt tractor 200 Vario

Fendt Combines

Fendt Ideal Combine

Fendt combine ideal

Fendt L-Series Combine

Fendt combine L-Series

Fendt E-Series 5225 Combine

Fendt combine E-Series 5225

Fendt E-Series 5185 Combine

Fendt combine E-Series 5185

Fendt C-Series Combine

Fendt combine C-Series

Fendt Vario - A Game-Changer

Since its beginning, Fendt has always brought to market innovative technological developments and set new milestones for agricultural equipment. Fendt engineers created the first tractor with a continuously variable drive: the 1995 Fendt Favorit 926 Vario. This tractor revolutionized agricultural technology because it combined the efficiency of a quick shift gear with the advantages of a continuous drive.

"We developed a solution to soundproof the pumps with a flexible mounting system," reminisces gear developer Richard Heindl, who has worked on the Fendt Vario transmission. "I personally have a farming background and was fascinated by the idea of a tractor that just drives – at any speed, uphill or downhill, backwards or forwards, without juddering nor loss of traction, all without switching gears. "The idea is that the operator should be able to focus on what's really important; the work on the field. We at Fendt were always convinced that our transmission was a winner. The project was kept secret for a long time. We were very proud when we were finally able to announce the first continuously variable transmission gearbox. Because we knew that it would change agricultural technology forever."

Fendt Vario Transmission

Source: Fendt.com
Notes: Fendt's Vario transmission was a major game-changer when it was released.

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