11 Popular Compact Tractor Attachments For Versatility

March 29, 2021

Hundreds of attachments are available for compact tractors — making them the kings of versatility.

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Kings of Versatility

Compact and subcompact tractors are great for everyday tasks, and there are hundreds of attachment choices that make your compact tractor extremely versatile. We've compiled a list of the Top 11 attachments to help you get your jobs done.

#1 Loader

By far the most popular attachment is a loader. Many compact tractors today are sold with loaders included. Loaders enable you to load, lift, scrape, dig and move material.

Loaders can be further enhanced by adding attachments including debris grapples, bales spears, rock buckets, snow pushers, and more.

#2 Mower Deck

Mowers are typically mid-mount (belly) or a three-point mower that connects to the rear PTO. Many offer a Quick Attach option, making it easy to attach and release. This is important so you do not damage your mower when it is not being used specifically for mowing.

#3 Trailer Movers

Trailer movers are handy to move around items such as a boat, car, wagon, etc. Certain trailer movers can often double as a weight bar.

#4 Tooth Bars

Tooth bars help improve the digging performance and increase the capacity of your bucket. You can dig into the dirt, roots, etc much easier because it concentrates the force into a smaller area. Many models offer a bolt-on solution that is universally compatible.

#5 Grapple

Grapples allow you to grab and clench items similar to the way your hand works. Grapples often are hydraulic or electric. Perfect for digging, hauling, removing bushes & trees.

#6 Rotary Tiller

Rotary tillers assist in tilling and leveling soil. The tiller's spinning blades loosen and aerate the topsoil.

#7 Snow Removal

You can attach a rear snowblower using the rear PTO, or add a snow pusher or plow to the front. This makes snow removal very easy.

#8 Cab

Cabs can provide much-needed protection from the elements. Factory cabs often include heating and cooling. There is a wide selection of aftermarket cabs as well; however, often they do not include climate control.

#9 Blades

The front blade helps with clearing, leveling and snow removal.

#10 Stability

Maintaining the stability of your compact tractor is crucial — the key is to distribute the weight evenly. You can add rear stability using a ballast box and fill material, or a heavy hitch weight bar.

#11 Pallet Forks

We saved one of the most useful and universal attachments for last. Pallet forks are great for digging, moving large items, carrying loads and of course — handling pallets. Pallet forks are often the best bang for your buck because they are inexpensive relative to other attachments, and you will end up using them a lot. You can add bolt-on hooks to your pallet forks to make a "poor man's grapple" too.

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